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The Laird's Vow

The Laird's Vow

Mammoth Book of Scottish Romance

An anthology of 21 short stories

My story, The Laird’s Vow, has a classic premise: my hero, Cameron, is laird in name only — his inheritance is in the hands of his uncle until Cameron turns thirty, or marries. His uncle is spending money like water and nothing Cameron says will stop him. Cameron storms out, swearing to marry the first eligible woman he meets…

So Cameron sets off, followed by his two cousins, who’ve bet on the outcome of the vow — and taken a wee dram or three of the Good Stuff along the way…

Of course, the first woman Cameron meets is entirely unsuitable…. on the surface. Not that he can see much of her surface — he’s run her and her sheep into a bog, and she’s covered in mud.

But a vow is a vow, and Cameron’s never broken his word in his life.

However there’s more to Jeannie Macleay than meets the eye… And she’s no pushover.

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