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Marry in Secret

Marry in Secret

Book 3: Convenient Marriage

 2nd July 2019 — MARRY IN SECRET.

An heiress with a secret
Lady Rose Rutherford—rebel, heiress, and exasperated target of fortune hunters—has a plan to gain the freedom she so desperately desires: a marriage of convenience to the biggest prize on London’s marriage mart.

A hero with a past
There’s just one problem: the fierce-looking naval officer who crashes her wedding and claims to be the dead husband she secretly married when she was still a schoolgirl.

A very inconvenient marriage 
Broke, embittered by betrayal and with a secret agenda of his own, Thomas Beresford needs Rose for one reason only—her fortune. Her family knows it. Thomas knows it. But Rose refuses to accept it, and when she takes matters into her own unpredictable hands, Thomas finds himself in an infuriating predicament: he’s falling in love with his wife…

I’ll put up an excerpt of MARRY IN SECRET soon.

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