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Marry In Scarlet

Marry In Scarlet

Book 4: Convenient Marriage

Marry In Scarlet is the last book in my “marriage of convenience” series, and I have to say, I’m very sad to be leaving it. George (Lady Georgiana) was a lot of people’s favorite heroine, and though I am very fond of all my heroines, I have an extra soft spot for George, who had a difficult early life, but is pretty good at standing up for herself—and others.

The duke started off as a typical cold, alpha hero — not generally my favorite kind of hero — but I think we can work out why he is the way he is. And married to a strong-minded heroine, well, a certain amount of change is inevitable. A redeemable alpha hero? Oh, I do like that…

Finishing off the series, I also needed to show by the end how each of the other characters in the previous books are. I also let you all in on a secret romance a few readers have been wondering about. I hope you enjoy it.

PUBLISHER’S WEEKLY said:  “An arrogant duke changes his ways in Gracie’s alluring fourth Marriage of Convenience romance . . . snip . . . George is an admirable heroine and the chemistry between her and Hart is magnetic.”

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When a duke denied . . . 
The Duke of Everingham is determined to secure a marriage of convenience with heiress, Lady Georgiana Rutherford. As the biggest prize on the London marriage mart, he can have any woman he wants. Or so he thinks.

. . . Hunts an independent lady . . . 
Having grown up poor, Lady George Rutherford has no plans to marry—she has no intention of giving up her fortune to become dependent on the dubious and unreliable goodwill of a man. Especially a man as insufferable as the Duke of Everingham, whose kisses stir unwelcome and unsettling emotions. 

. . . Sparks are sure to fly
But the more George defies him, the more the duke wants her, until an argument  spirals into a passionate embrace. Caught in a compromising position, the duke announces their betrothal, much to George’s fury. Two stubborn, proud, passionate people engaged in a battle of wills. Who will win? Or can love possibly conquer all?

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Preorder MARRY IN SCARLET  here (amazon) here (all other 0n line sites) or here (paperback only, anywhere in the world for free postage).

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