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Beloved animals

On an author email loop I’m on we were talking about some of our beloved pets, and it reminded me of this cartoon, from local cartoonist (and philosopher) Michael Leunig. His cartoons will often be found cut out of the newspaper and stuck to fridges throughout the country, he hits the spot so often with so many people.

This one I particularly love because the first dog I had after I left home, was a border collie cross called Bessie. She was a beautiful dog, very smart and loyal and affectionate. I had her for 20 years, and missed her dreadfully when she died. This cartoon reminds me of her every time. I have it framed in my house. But it’s not just the section about St Bess I love — Roger of the Cobblestones makes me smile every time— really I love the whole thing.

Does it hit the spot with you?


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Michelle H
Michelle H
6 months ago

Saintly creatures indeed. We keep looking at our Senior Citizen kitty, a definite pensioner. Wondering how much time we will have with him and not looking forward to that day at all, naturally. At our age he will be our last pet. Many people believe they will see their pets again in a future beyond this life. The cartoon tells multiple sides of the idea of animals being put on this earth for the use and guardianship of humans. I loved it, Anne. Thank you.

Anne Gracie
Anne Gracie
5 months ago
Reply to  Michelle H

It’s lovely, isn’t it Michelle? Hugs on your senior kitty — my cat Harrie lived to 20.