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Baby Plants

We interrupt this endless promotion of my new book to give you a little break while you pause to admire the progress of  my baby plants.

Before I moved, had a watermelon peperomia (Peperomia argyreia), and, when a couple of the leaves got knocked off, I decided to try propagating them. I popped two whole leaves in some potting mix and, having looked up propagation methods on line,  tried cutting one leaf in half and potting that as well, all in the same pot. I really didn’t expect most of them to work.

Above was the pot just before I moved. I was thrilled with those new baby shoots.

These are the plantlets today,. They’ve been happily growing on my windowsill and the babies are now bursting out of the pot. Aren’t they  gorgeous? I’m going to have to pot them on soon, but I don’t have any small empty pots, which means, oh dear, I’ll have to go shopping at the plant nursery, and I probably won’t be able to resist buying another plant — but those are the risks.
Yes, I’m brave like that. 

And while we’re having a plant moment, here’s the cyclamen I bought a while back. It’s been flowering for months now and is such a bright, happy splash of color. Having colorful flowers through winter is such a blessing.


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1 year ago

I wish my plants grew that good. Yours look so happy and healthy! I have a Christmas cactus that I think I mentioned that does grow well, but it has to hang in front of the door wall or it won’t. I have two succulents that I haven’t killed yet and a Norfolk Island Pine I rescued from someone’s garbage a week after Christmas two years ago that I just finished repotting, but if I move those last three, they’ll start to die as well. My orchids all died when we moved here, the three I bought to replace them… Read more »

Anne Gracie
Anne Gracie
1 year ago
Reply to  theo

Plants do like their ideal spot, don’t they? I’m still finding some places for them in this new house.
I’m very happy with these little plantlets though. Ironically, the original plant that I bought isn’t looking too happy. I think the soil they were planted in holds too much moisture — it seems quite spongy when I poke my finger in, so I’m planning to repot it. We shall see.