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Attention Reviewers

Are you a reviewer? If you downloaded my July book THE SUMMER BRIDE from net galley, and got a file that reads like this — either random paragraph breaks or none at all — stay tuned. I’m assured that Berkley is fixing it.

It’s upsetting to me, because when something is difficult to read, or formatted badly, people either give up on reading it, or find it hard to sink into the story. So if you gave up, please, get the improved file —I’ll announce it on FB and twitter — and give it another go.

I loved this story and I’d like it to be given a chance, not shot down at the first post through bad formatting by my publisher..

Pic 1 on my kindle: Random Paragraph Breaks

Pic 2 on my kindle: No Paragraph Breaks

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Caz's Reading Room
Caz's Reading Room

I’m glad you have taken this up with Berkley – but unfortunately, this happens often. I have assumed it’s something they do to stop their ARCs being pirated, but it does make them difficult to read. I have had reviewers give up on reading Berkley titles because the formatting is so bad.

Anne Gracie
Anne Gracie

Thanks, Caz — There are better ways of preventing pirates copying them — for a start, they could vet who can get them — and it doesn’t stop the pirates — this book is already out there on the pirate sites. It just stops the reviewers bothering to read the fragmented book. It’s so disheartening for an author.

Caz's Reading Room
Caz's Reading Room

I can certainly understand how frustrated you must be – it’s just as annoying for the genuine reviewers. I hope other Berkley authors will follow your lead and complain also.

Anne Gracie
Anne Gracie

I suppose my worry is that I’ve put so much work into this book and now reviewers will take one look at the bad formatting and move on to the next book.