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A Writing Course

Hi all, if you’ve ever wanted to write a romance, I’m conducting a 5 day on-line course on writing romance for the NSW (New South Wales) Writers Centre.

It’s called WRITING ROMANCE and runs from 19th to 25th June 2024.

It’s more or less the same course I ran for the NSWWC in 2022 and 2023. I’m updating the notes, but it’s the same basic framework. 

It’s open to anyone in the world and as it’s not live, you are not restricted by time zones, as you can log in any time,  day or night.  More info about the course here.   (Please note the cost is in Australian Dollars, and is not set by me.)

Here are a few reviews that were given to the NSWWC:

‘Anne Gracie was an excellent tutor. Her lessons and generous feedback was very helpful in developing my writing skills.’ — Rachel, 2023

‘The information provided was very thorough and covered lists of aspects of writing. Much more than I expected to learn from a 1 week course.’ — Shannon, 2022

‘Lesson information provided by the tutor was excellent as was Anne’s investment in assisting with the sections submitted for critique.’ — Shannean, 2022


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21 days ago

Only Anne Gracie can write the way she does as no one thinks in the many lovely ways she does.

Anne Gracie
Anne Gracie
21 days ago
Reply to  Patricia

Thanks so much, Patricia. Lovely of you to say so.