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A snippet of Marry In Scarlet for Mother's Day

Not all mother-son relationships are charming and delightful. Here’s the Duke of Everingham (the hero in Marry In Scarlet) talking to his mother. 

      “Do not fret yourself, my son, I shall try to weather the storm,” his mother said, rallying bravely. “It’s you I worry about, my dearest. I thought that you were all settled at last, and that finally I could go in peace.” She sank back feebly in her chair and closed her eyes. 
       “Go where, Mother? Off to Bath again, are you?” He blotted the ink of his letter, folded it and reached for his seal. “Or perhaps a sea-bathing treatment this time? I’ve heard that a bracing dip in the cold salt sea does people a power of good.” 
       She shuddered and clutched her vial feebly to her bosom. “Such a thing would kill me.” 
       “Only if you drowned, and I believe there are muscular females at the dipping sites whose job it is to prevent that. It’s perfectly safe.” 
        She sat up and glared at him. “Don’t be so obtuse, Redmond—my darling boy. You must know that the only thing that keeps me alive—the only thing, dearest—is the desire to see you settled. Married.” 
       “Then I shall postpone my nuptials indefinitely and provide you with a long life.” 

 *  *  *  *  *
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