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A Good News Story

We in Melbourne have been in strict lockdown for weeks now  — the latest one for 2 months and we’re not finished yet. BUT though we’re stuck indoors, we’re also watching the hatching of some peregrine falcon chicks in a nest on a tall building in the very centre of the city — 367 Collins St. There’s a live camera on it all the time.

I only discovered how many other people have also been checking on the mother falcon and eggs when people started talking about it on social media, for instance how, when the earth tremor hit us, the mother peregrine jumped off the nest and peered cautiously around.

And now all kinds of people are excited about the chicks hatching, which happened a few days ago.

So lovely to have a good news story. 

Here’s another little video of them feeding the chicks.

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2 years ago

I’m a huge fan of the streaming nest cams! We have here that has about thirty different cameras, some constantly streaming and some that go offline at night to conserve their solar batteries, and then of course, there’s the Scottish Wildlife Trust that has a few as well. I admit though, I have a love/hate relationship with the raptors. I love watching them rear their young, but feel so bad for the food…

Sorry I was MIA this week. We had four doc appointments and two funerals. It’s been a long week…

Anne Gracie
Anne Gracie
2 years ago
Reply to  theo

Oh gosh, Theo, what a tough time you’re having. Hope things are looking up soon for you.
And yes, I did cringe a bit at the feeding, but . . . nature.

2 years ago
Reply to  Anne Gracie

I know, nature, and I agree, but it’s still hard. We had a juvenile bald eagle land across the road from us last year in the acreage that oh…I guess there must be a couple hundred acres farmed there and it had a cat. Thankfully, I couldn’t see anything beyond the landing but that alone was pretty traumatic for me. I’m one of those, if I don’t see it, I can cope with it, people. We’re hanging in there. I have a brain scan next week and we’re trying really hard to get my husband’s knee replaced before he can’t… Read more »