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Winter Downunder

It’s winter in my little corner of the world.

I have to admit it’s not as cold as it gets in plenty of countries, but “cold” is relative, isn’t it? An overnight low of 2 or 3 C (33-35 F) with an occasional zero degrees is about the coldest it usually gets in Melbourne. A friend in Far North Queensland (which is tropical) thinks it’s cold if she has to put on a cardigan. And though some places—usually in the mountains—get snow, we rarely do. But we do get frost.

So it’s winter, Melbourne has been under strict Lockdown again and I’m looking down the barrel of a deadline, which is why you haven’t had any posts recently.

Instead I’m sharing some photos taken by my friend, urban fantasy author Keri Arthur, who takes her dog and her camera out for a long walk at crack of dawn every morning and generously allows me to share them. (She posts her photos on FB regularly.)

Here the kangaroos are out nibbling on the frosty grass — they come out at dawn and dusk to feed — while the nearer ones are watching Keri and her Very Large Dog with suspicion. One move by the dog and the whole mob will go bounding away.



And here’s a photo of the Very Large Dog. No wonder the ‘roos are wary.

It snowed recently in The Blue Mountains, just outside of Sydney. Australians don’t get snow very often in the areas where people live, so it’s an event for us, and everyone gets excited and takes photos.

A photographer (Gary Hayes) took this stunning photo of King Parrots (red and green) and Crimson Rosellas (red, blue and other colors) in the snowy trees.

I can’t show it here, but am linking to it here. It’s a gorgeous photo, and if you click here, there are many more of the same event.  Or check out his instagram page and I promise you, you’ll be blown away by all the stunning  photographs, mainly of the rugged and beautiful Blue Mountains but also of other sites and some amazing ones of eclipses and the stars of the southern skies. Or visit his site and scroll down to see some beautiful photos of our brilliant native birds.

Whatever weather you’re experiencing at the moment, I hope you’re enjoying it.

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2 years ago

Well, this is mid June and we just finished with the 33 degree (F) overnight temps about a week and a half ago. So for us here, cold is a relative term ;)

Those pictures are gorgeous!

Anne Gracie
Anne Gracie
2 years ago
Reply to  theo

Brr, that’s cold for June, Theo. I suppose all weather is relative. And yes, Keri takes a lovely photo.

2 years ago

That picture was stunning! And the same for his other work – I took a hop over to Instagram. Gorgeous work.