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In 1881, a census survey was carried out in London and these were some of the occupations listed and preserved by the London Genealogical Society.

Not everyone appreciated it.  Some obviously regarded this census thingie as unwanted government interest in what they felt to be personal and private information. Clearly the people who listed these hilarious occupations didn’t take it at all seriously.

Which is your favorite of these? What spurious occupation might you list if you were part of this group?

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Leander Brett
Leander Brett
4 years ago

So may to choose from.. am still crying with laughter! A fatuous pauper and Fifty-two years an imbecile rank highly and I can almost justify some of the answers until I get to Random waller.. love these little did bits, thankyou

Venette Schafer
Venette Schafer
4 years ago

I liked Emasculator the best!
They are all great! Count as female! Lol