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Getting Dressed in 1816

Below is the link to another fun video of a woman getting dressed, this time in 1816, which is more of less the time my books are set in. In addition, there’s a little bit about Mary Shelley, who at the tender age of 19, penned the immortal story of Frankenstein. So it’s perfect timing for Hallowe’en.

But I’m back to having trouble embedding the video into my blog, so you’ll have to click on the link, (and put up with the ads, sorry.)

And here are two images of  gorgeous black regency-era dresses — mourning dresses — embroidered black net over white muslin (probably), just to get you in the mood.

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11 months ago

What a wonderful video! I’ve always wondered though, who dressed the servants? Especially in poorer households where there may be only one. Or one male and one female servant.

11 months ago
Reply to  theo

Theo, there’s another video on a working woman getting dressed. I’ll dig it out and post it soon.

11 months ago
Reply to  Anne

I’d love to see it. :) When you have the time though.

Venette Schafer
Venette Schafer
10 months ago

Awesome video!! Thank you.
I want to see the movie about her.