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Since I sent out my newsletter the other day, with the cover for MARRY IN SCARLET, I’ve had a number of emails from readers who weren’t sure about George having short hair on the cover.

She had short hair in the previous stories, but they thought it wasn’t a very Regency look.

But short hair was fashionable in the Regency.

On the right is a photo of Lady Caroline Lamb, notorious for her scandalous affair with Lord Byron. 

But Lady Caroline wasn’t the only fashionable lady who cropped her hair.
(Not that George cropped hers to be fashionable—she wasn’t particularly interested in trying to be fashionable.)

Here are some portraits of several other fashionable short-haired regency ladies.

Finally, here’s an image I would have loved for George’s cover, but alas, French actress Audrey Tatou wasn’t available.<g> 

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4 years ago

It’s perfect for George though :)

Dee dooland
Dee dooland
4 years ago

Love all your characters and stories…go back to them when I need comfort reading and I love the idea of George looking a bit like Audrey Tatou with that elfin beauty and that wicked spark in her eye! Can’t wait for her story.