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Sizzling Launch Party

Check out these pictures from the Sizzling Launch Party at Dymocks in Collins St, Melbourne.

Standing: Nicola Marsh, Bronwyn Jameson, Fiona Lowe, Valerie Parv, Marion Lennox, me, Stephanie Laurens, Hellen Maniotis (Dymocks Romance Buyer Extraordinaire) Carol Marinelli, Louise McNally (Dymocks events organizer) Keri Arthur. Seated: Fiona McArthur, Amy Andrews, Kate Cuthbert (journalist and Friend of Romance) Trish Morey

The Gallery

What a couple of attendees said about the launch

“Thought the book launch at Dymocks was terrific. The genuine friendliness that comes through between authors is quite extraordinary.”

— Heather

“I want to thank you so much for Sizzle, Seduce & Simmer. It has been a gorgeous read, such fun and so entertaining. I devoured it in a few hours – I couldn’t help myself!!

I was at the book launch at Dymocks on Collins St for SSS, and I was incredibly lucky that evening to win the door prize!! I was utterly thrilled – I have never won a door prize before, and those of you who were at the book launch were kind enough to also sign the books you had put into the door prize. My thanks for that. I also got you all to sign my fabulous new pinny!! So here are a few photo’s of me with my pinny, my book and my prize. (Thanks to my hubby (my own tall, dark and handsome hero)). 

A thousand thanks for the wonderful hours spent in your collective stories. I have had such a twinkle in my eye and a lightness in my step since the launch (did I mention I won the door prize?? :D )”

— Jennifer

A Great Story

There’s a great story to the orange T-shirt Stephanie Laurens is holding on the right. We all signed it — see below, as Bronwyn Jameson signs while Stephanie Laurens looks on.

Juleigh, who owns the t-shirt, is a Melbourne librarian (Whitehorse Manningham Regional Library) and a big fan of romance. She bought the t-shirt at a charity auction and used it to initiate the most brillant thing — a romance reading campaign that challenges library patrons to read at least one title for each author who has signed the shirt.

The Sizzle authors were thrilled to be asked to add their names to the the t-shirt that already contained signatures from some fabulous US romance writers, including Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Jennifer Crusie, Linda Howard, Rita Clay Estrada (after whom the Rita award is named) and many more — more than 50 authors altogether.

The details are here 

Isn’t that the most brilliant initiative?

Thanks Juleigh. You’re a true romance heroine.