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Regency Slang Quiz No.3 (answers)

Here are the answers to the quiz I posted here on the Word Wench Blog.

Regency Slang Quiz No. 3

 1) To be at sixes and sevens means:— 
    a) to be confused 
2) If you’re under the hatches, you are:— 
       c) in debt 
3) A bit of muslin is:— 
        a) a mistress or lover, generally from the lower orders, and usually paid.

4) To plant someone a facer means:— 
        b) to hit someone in the face 
5) become a tenant for life means:— 
    d) to get married

6) to give someone your vowels means: —
    c) to owe them money  — the particular vowels concerned being IOU.
7) To be dicked in the nob means:— 
    b) to be a simpleton 
8) To wield a yard of tin means: 
    a) to blow a horn  —in particular on a carriage to warn arrival and departure. The horn was usually a yard (three feet) long.
9) To gull someone means:— 
    a) to trick someone 

10) to draw someone’s cork means:— 
    b) to make them bleed 

11) A Banbury tale is:—
     c) a nonsensical story 

12) To offer someone Spanish coin means:— 
      d) to falsely flatter them

I hope you enjoyed my little quiz.I really enjoy making up the alternative answers, hoping to trick people. Don’t forget to come back to the WordWenches and tell us how you went.