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Answers to the quiz on Marry in Secret

Here are the answers to the quiz about Marry In Secret.
The original quiz questions are here.
When you’ve worked out your score, please come back to the Word Wenches’ site and let us know how you went. The book is not out yet, so every answer is a guess, and that means any answer you get right is brilliant!

1) The story opens with Rose about to make a convenient marriage with a handsome duke. Why a convenient (ie loveless arranged) marriage?
d)  Because she believes that love is too painful.

2) When Rose fails to marry the duke, Aunt Agatha is:—
d)  none of the above

3) When Thomas turns up at the church, who says “Throw the dirty beggar out!”
a)  Aunt Agatha

4) When Rose’s secret husband turns up how does Rose react?
b)  She faints

5)  What word best describes the duke’s reaction to Rose’s long-lost husband turning up?
a)  Irritated

6) Why did Rose get married In secret?
c)  Because she was young and wild and in love

7) Who did she marry?
b)  A sailor

8) Why did Rose’s husband disappear in the first place?
c)  He was shipwrecked

9) What was Rose’s husband doing in the years he was away?
c)  A variety of jobs

10) Why has Rose’s husband returned?
b)  To get control of Rose’s fortune

NOW, pop back to the Word Wenches’ site and let us know how you did. Somebody who leaves a comment will win a copy of MARRY IN SECRET