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An Odd Little Quiz (Marry in Haste)

Here are the answers to An Odd Little Quiz (Marry in Haste)

1)   After nine years abroad in the army, Cal Rutherford returns to England:—  
                  c) on the trail of an assassin.        

2)  Cal visits Gil Radcliffe, who is:—
                   d) all of the above.

3)  Cal decides not to stay at his family home because:—
                      c) it’s all closed up and he can’t be bothered opening it.

4)  Cal ends up staying at his club,
                a) The Apocalypse Club, where he’d find other former soldiers.      

5)  Cal is inundated with dinner invitations from mere acquaintances because:—
               d) he’s rich, titled and unmarried, and they have unmarried sisters.

6) Cal leaves London in a hurry because:—
                  b) his friends’ unmarried sisters are closing in on him.

7) Things Cal dreads about marriage:—
            d) all of the above.

8) Cal goes to Bath:—
           b)  to visit his aunt and sisters               

9) Cal’s Aunt Dottie:—
            c) dotes on the girls and has no control over them.

10) When Cal meets his sisters for the first time in nine years:—
              a) they’re wearing hooded cloaks and masks.

11) Cal visits the Pump Room with Aunt Dottie:—
             d) all of the above.

12) When Cal tells his Aunt Agatha who he intends to marry, she is:—
                   d) all of the above.

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