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A special

 The e-book of my book THE PERFECT STRANGER is on special at BookBub for $1.99. (It varies slightly depending on your currency.) BUT BE QUICK, because the special finishes on 10th January.

Get it at, Barnes & Noble, or  your favorite e-retailer

Mary Jo Putney said about The Perfect Stranger: “A wounded Waterloo soldier, a young but stalwart heroine in dire straits, marriage of convenience, a hound from hell—SO up my alley! 

There’s an excerpt here.

A few reader reviews of The Perfect Stranger:
From Amazon:
Just lovely. Great story, great characters, great progression of plot. Needed a couple of handkerchiefs – be warned. One of the best historical romances I have read. Highly recommended. (Dr Antony Galione)

Once you pick this book up you will never put it down. The ending is so emotional I had tears running down my face. An amazing story of love and happiness.  (From Angcon

From B&N: 
I laughed and cried and loved every moment of it. I didn’t expect Faith’s story to go that way. I couldn’t put it down.  (anonymous)

Original and thrilling. It made me laugh and cry…very refreshing story about an ex veteran and a woman who would not give up on the man she loves. Definitely a page-turner!! Loved the characters…gotta love Mac :-)  (anonymous)

And if AUDIO BOOKS are your jam, the audio book of THE SPRING BRIDE is also on sale in the USA for $2.99.

A Book Bub special

In the lead-up to the release of my newest book, my publisher, Berkley (aka Penguin New York), has arranged a BookBub special for the e-book of my very first book with them, THE PERFECT RAKE.

They’ve also given it a new cover, so if you’re thinking you haven’t read it, read on to refresh your mind — and scroll down to see the original and the new covers side by side. While I loved the original cover with its dainty shoes and ticking clock,  I love this new one too, because my heroine, Prudence, did have red hair — and it was a small but significant part of the plot.

On special, it costs less than $2. (I’m not quoting an exact price because as far as I can tell it varies slightly around the $2 mark, depending on what country you live in— for instance it’s 99P in the UK.)

The special has already started, and will finish on 18th July. (Scroll down for the buy links.)

I’m delighted, as it was a book of the heart, and the hero, Gideon, is still many readers’ favorite of all my heroes. These two quotes from the book might give you an idea why. 

“I would appreciate it if you would stop… stop… ogling me like that,” Prudence hissed, tugging her very modest neckline higher. “It is very embarrassing.” She folded her arms across her breasts defensively.
Gideon tried to look contrite. “It wasn’t me,” he confessed. “It was my eyes. They are bold and easily led and have no sense of propriety.”

  ~ and ~

“What if I shave?” he said. “I look much better when I’m shaved. My cousin will vouch for that—do I not look almost handsome when I shave, Edward? ” He didn’t wait for the duke’s reply but turned earnestly back to Prudence. “Do you think you could marry me if I shaved?”

You can buy The Perfect Rake here:  Apple * AmzUS *  AmzUK * AMZAust *  B&N *  GooglePlay *  Kobo * or try this Universal Link which should take you to your preferred e-book retailer. 

And here’s the blurb:  A phony engagement turns into real passion in this delightful Regency romance from award-winning author Anne Gracie.

Fate has lavished beauty on the Merridew sisters—that is, all save the eldest. But plain Prudence bears no grudge; she loves her four beautiful sisters infinitely. So when their abusive grandfather is injured, she concocts an ingenious plan to escape the clutches of their legal guardian. One of them must marry—and fast. All it will take is a little deception…

To act as her sisters’ chaperone, Prudence invents a secret engagement to a reclusive duke. But when the duke unexpectedly comes to London she calls on him to avert disaster… 

Rakish aristocrat Gideon has a way of making ladies swoon. But he’s bored, and when Prudence arrives on his doorstep claiming she and the Duke are engaged, Gideon is so taken with the delightful spitfire that he hijacks her game, stealing a kiss or two along the way. Used to managing sisters and elderly men, Prudence is out of her depth with a handsome, devious and utterly irresistible rake and her plot goes terribly, deliciously, awry…

Here are the original and the new covers. Which do you prefer?