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Marry In Scandal — out now!

My new book, Marry in Scandal, hits the shelves and the cyber shelves today. It’s always an exciting — and nerve-wracking — time, because I never know how readers will respond to my stories.

I don’t usually  do much to celebrate a new book coming out but this time I had a friend passing through Melbourne on her way south who dropped in for a few days, so to celebrate the book, we went out to dinner and had a meal a bit similar to one my heroine, Lily ate in the book. It was yummy.

Afterwards we came back to my place, where my friend picked up a copy of the book . . . and pretty much stopped talking. <g>

I’m about to send out a newsletter and I’ve just had a new “subscribe” link added to this blog page (in the column on the right) and on the home page. You can subscribe to my newsletter, my blog posts, or both, and they’ll arrive in your email in-box whenever something new comes up. And of course you can unsubscribe. I don’t share  the email addresses with anyone.. 


An Impossible Quiz

Over on the word wenches blog (where I blog approximately every fortnight) I’ve put up an “impossible” quiz — impossible because the questions are all about MARRY IN SCANDAL — a book that’s not out yet, so people can’t possibly know the answers or look them up.

So it’s all guesswork, and people are having fun guessing, and coming up with some fun plot possibilities. 

I’m giving away a copy of MARRY IN SCANDAL to someone who leaves a comment, so if you’d like to see the questions, have a guess at the answers, and leave a comment, click here.