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The Georgette Heyer Conference

I’m getting ready to fly up to Sydney to attend the Georgette Heyer Conference on the weekend. 

I’m looking forward to it. I missed the first one a few years ago — bought a ticket, but wasn’t able to attend — so I’m looking forward to this one.

I’m giving a short talk on VENETIA, and why I love it. It’s not my favorite Heyer — but only because I can’t pick just one favorite. I have a bunch of favorites, but I chose VENETIA because it’s the one I usually recommend to readers who’ve never read Heyer before, especially if they’re romance readers. 

When I come back I’ll share a little of my speech, and a few photos of the event.
What’s your favorite Heyer?

Massive Giveaway — and a kindle fire to be won

How cool is this? To celebrate July 4th and the release of my new novel THE SUMMER BRIDE, search  I’ve teamed up with more than 50 fantastic authors to give away a huge selection of historical romance novels, mind PLUS a Kindle Fire to one lucky winner! 

I’m giving away my book THE SUMMER BRIDE
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A Girl With A Dream

Dreams are so important, aren’t they? They give people a focus, hope for the future — a plan.      
In my new book, THE SUMMER BRIDE, my heroine Daisy shares her dream with her friend, Flynn (who doesn’t yet realise who he really wants to marry.) In this short excerpt, Flynn and Daisy are in a hackney cab, talking about dreams — or “heaven on a plate.”

* * * 

Flynn thought about that for a moment. “So what’s heaven on a plate to you?”

“To me?” She fell silent, then slid him a cautious glance. 

“Go on.” He was curious. He’d never met a woman like Daisy. 

“Me own shop—one that I own meself—in the best part of Town.” She darted another glance at him and, encouraged by his interest, went on in a rush, “I want it to be all elegant and posh, wiv a big bay window and lots of light and velvet curtains and soft rugs on the floor so you can’t even hear yourself walkin’. And inside I’ll have gorgeous big gilt-framed looking-glasses so people can look at themselves in beautiful clothes—my beautiful clothes—that I design and make myself, I mean. And they’ll be ladies, real proper toffs, there to buy—”

The carriage hit a pothole and bumped roughly, and she grabbed the seat to steady herself. She glanced at Flynn, suddenly self-conscious. “You probably think it’s stupid, a bit of foolish—”

“I don’t,” he said quietly. “I think it’s a grand dream to have. One day I’ll tell you a story about a boy who stood barefoot on the Dublin docks, gazin’ out to sea, dreaming of havin’ a ship of his own.” He gave her a wry smile. “More than foolish some would say, considerin’ I could barely even feed meself at the time, but—” He glanced outside as the carriage came to a halt. “Here you are back home, so I’ll save that tale for another day.”

* * *
The Summer Bride
Out July 5th 2016