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The Accidental Wedding

The special price BookBub promotion of The Accidental Wedding has begun (from Sept 22 to Sept 29) and I dug out some reviews in case you were interested.

“With her signature superbly nuanced characters, subtle sense of wit, and richly emotional writing, Gracie puts her distinctive stamp on a classic Regency plot.” — The Chicago Tribune

“Gracie takes conventions of the romance novel that have been done to death— amnesia, injured hero, heroine who does too much —and turns them into a story that is fresh and new and interesting. That takes talent. And this, plus two charming main characters, a suspenseful subplot, and some delightful love scenes, makes for a near-perfect read.”
All About Romance, Nanette Donahue, Desert Island Keeper

“Anne Gracie never missteps…snip.. a luscious indulgence of a novel.The Accidental Wedding is warm and sweet, tempered with bursts of piquancy and a dash or three of spice. Like chocolate and chilli, this novel is your favorite comfort food, with an unexpected-delicious-twist.” — New York Journal of Books

“The Accidental Wedding is a fairy tale any girl would love. Two people, likely to never know love, find each other to make the perfect match in this extraordinary love story. Anne Gracie’s writing is historical romance at its best!”
Season For Romance, Rating: 10 Top Pick! Heat Level: 4 (Hot)

“Gracie has created some of the best heroines in romance fiction… snip…Nobody is better than Anne Gracie at evoking tears and laughter within a single story.” — The Romance Dish

“Anne Gracie does it again: The Accidental Wedding is funny, charming, and completely endearing.”
NightOwl, Reviewer Top Pick

“Sure to please the fussiest of historical romance readers.” — Romance Reviews Today

“Gracie writes a traditional amnesia plot with charm and grace. Appealing characters allow readers to experience their emotions and smile with happiness. A witty and charming love story.” — Romantic Times

To buy the e-book of THE ACCIDENTAL WEDDING, click on one of these links: Amazon, Amazon Australia, Apple Books, Barnes&Noble, GooglePlay, Kobo, or try this universal link to go to your favorite e-book retailer.

Read an excerpt here.




My lemon tree is laden with fruit and I’ve been using lemons as often as I can. I love them. I’ve also given quite a few to friends.

The other night I had guests for dinner and I made a lemon tart, which was very yummy. I served it with home-made blueberry sauce and ice cream. 

I forgot to take a photo of it. And though there was still quite a large piece left, when a friend dropped around the following day, we each had a slice for afternoon tea, and she took the rest home to feed to her husband and son.

I’ve squeezed a few and frozen the juice, as I like it when I have just a glass of water. I’ve also frozen some slices of lemon, as they look pretty in drinks, as well as adding a nice freshness.

I’ve made several dishes — a curry and a chicken casserole — that used lemon juice and zest of lemon (the peel) in them. And I’ll probably make osso buco soon which I always top with gremolata, which is a mix of lemon zest and finely chipped parsley and garlic, served raw — just mixed together. It’s delicious and only takes a few minutes to make. In fact I make gremolata to go with a lot of stew-type dishes but it’s also yummy with fish dishes. You can read more about it here.

I’m using them as fast as I can because it won’t be long before the possums sniff them out. Last year they nibbled off the entire peel of the lemons, leaving the fruit hanging on the tree, naked. You can read about it here.

I also like making lemon drizzle cake. There are heaps of recipes around, but since I have a gluten intolerant friend visiting soon, I’ll probably make the cake from this recipe. Almond meal (which is just ground almonds) makes a surprisingly moist cake. Alternatively I might try this recipe, which looks delicious and is also gluten-free. I made limoncello last year so I can use that, too.

What’s your favorite thing to do with lemons?


Another special

I have another BookBub special sale coming up.

Between September  22 and Sept 29,  THE ACCIDENTAL WEDDING will be priced  at $1.99 (normally $6.99) . Make sure you check the price before you buy, as not all e-book retailers get the reduced price up at the same time.

I’m telling you ahead of time in the hope that this blog will be emailed to you in time for you to get the special. I don’t control when the blog gets sent — it’s an algorithm that decides, not me. <g>

The best way to be reminded of my BookBub specials is to go to this site, and click on FOLLOW (the red button beside my name.) Then you’ll get an email every time one of my books is offered at a reduced price.

Another way to get reminded of a new release is to follow me on Amazon, which you can do by clicking this link and then clicking on FOLLOW.

THE ACCIDENTAL WEDDING has one of my all time favorite covers. The earlier covers in that series were really disappointing, but my editor at the time was not a cover person. However this time, the actual publisher (a person, not a company) took an interest in my books after meeting me at a conference in the USA, and I suddenly got this spectacular cover with the most beautiful bride dress. I nearly wept with gratitude.
If you click on the amazon link, and then run your cursor over the cover image, you will see what I mean. Even the texture of the lace is visible. (I actually patted that cover when the paperbacks arrived, as you could feel the pattern of the lace.)

I also loved the story. I’ll post some more information about the book later.

You can buy The Accidental Wedding from these e-book sellers: Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Apple, Kobo, or click on this link for your favorite e-book retailer.