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Hi all

I might have mentioned this before, but I am embarking on a major long-term decluttering project. Later this year my house is going to be renovated —  cross fingers it happens. It’s been put off so many times — and I’m going to have to move out while the work is being done. 

It’s everything, you see — walls, floors, new bathroom, new kitchen and laundry — and there’s no way I can write while all that is happening.

So I’m trying to get rid of stuff. I have a charity collection coming tomorrow for clothing and so I’m attempting to be ruthless. I’m not very good at being ruthless — there’s a reason my house is full of stuff.

But I’ve just pulled out several large vacuum-sealed bags of “clothes I used to wear, and loved.” They smelled faintly musty, so I put them all through the wash and now I’ve just hardened my heart and packed all of them, clean and sweet-smelling (but unironed) into bags for the charity collection.

It’s so hard. I used to wear a lot of small, delicate silk shirts — I was thinner back then — and also lots of vintage clothing — crepe skirts and jackets, clothes from the 40’s, 50s and 60’s, lace shirts, and general hippy-style clothes as well. I still love them, but I know I’m never going to wear them, even if I got to be that thin again. So I’m biting the bullet and out they go. Someone is going to love them, I know.

But I feel as though I’m packing away my youth, because so many of these items of clothing spark memories and events and people. Some were very special purchases that I had to save to afford, others I discovered by serendipity at a market or in an op-shop, or were passed on by a friend. 

There’s the outfit I wore for my graduation — complete with academic gown. I hadn’t planned to formally graduate, and had told my parents that. But the next time I went home for a visit, there was an academic gown hanging on my wardrobe. I took the hint and graduated, and as it turned out the ceremony was quite personal as the supervisor for my thesis was the guy who handed me my certificate. He winked, and I grinned and forgot to bow — Mum was appalled. LOL.

I’m keeping the academic gown. Over the years it’s been used for numerous plays and costumes, but the black cord skirt and African print top is going. My beloved long red boots wore out long ago. But the academic gown is going to be used by a friend next week in a ceremony, so it keeps on proving its usefulness.

It’s tough, giving away the clothes of my past, but I know once it’s all gone I’ll feel so much better. I was planning to start my book cull (shudder — I’m dreading that) but the charity people are not taking anything except clothing at the moment, so the cull can wait. (phew)

PS I realize now that I should have taken photos before I packed stuff away, but it’s too late now — everything’s securely bagged. So here are some of the bags I’m putting out. They don’t look big but each one contains 30-40 items of clothing.


I’m so sorry that some of you only saw the news about the Book Bub special for Marry In Scandal after it was finished. These things are usually only for a short time, but the automated sending out of the blog sometimes lags behind that. 
I don’t have any control over these promotions — it’s all done by my publisher.

So I’m letting you know early that another of my books is going to be available on special in early February. 
THE PERFECT WALTZ will be featured in a Book Bub promo on February 7th. It will be priced at $1.99 from February 2nd to  February 16th, but check before you buy. Not all retailers make the change on time.

I will remind you when the date comes up, but I don’t want anyone to miss out again.

The other thing you could do to be kept in touch with any specials is to follow me on Book Bub. Click on this link and click on “Follow” and you’ll be notified whenever there is a special.

In other news, The Perfect Waltz is now also available as an audio book.

On Special

There is a BookBub special on the e-book version of my MARRY IN SCANDAL at the moment, for another 5 days.It’s available on all sites; amazon, Barnes&Noble, apple,  google playkobo and many others — including Australia! (Thank you Berkley.)
And don’t you love the gorgeous Julia Quinn quote? 

  I’m thrilled to bits because look at that little orange #1 bestseller flag!