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ARRA Awards

At the ARRA (Australian Romance Reader Association) Awards in Sydney on Saturday night, I was honored with two awards — Favourite Historical Romance for The Scoundrel’s Daughter, and Favourite Australian Romance Author.

Needless to say, I’m thrilled to bits with both awards.

The awards are voted on by readers who have to be members of ARRA, and they all read a huge amount and are extremely well read in romance (and other genres).

ARRA is a wonderful organization — it’s run for readers but it also supports authors wonderfully. Until CoVid it ran an annual conference, and brought out some outstanding authors from the US and elsewhere. And with any luck we’ll be having conferences again in the future. Certainly there are author signing events scheduled for next year and the Annual Awards. If you’re interested in joining ARRA, their website is here.

Sweepstake and a special

My publisher, Berkley, is running two separate promotions for two different books.

The first is  a “Spice Up Your Summer” sweepstakes promotion featuring my upcoming book, THE RAKE’S DAUGHTER in the giveaway — in which you can win all eight books.

PLEASE NOTE – this is for US people only, BUT later on, after I’ve settled into my new house, I will run a giveaway only for NON-US people. Balancing things up a bit.

This will run May 1 – May 10 and you can enter here. 

THE RAKE’S DAUGHTER introduces a handsome, unmarried earl, his eccentric aunt who lives in the other side of Bellaire Gardens, two new young ladies and a bossy young sticky-beak (a bossy nosy-parker) to the Bellaire Gardens community.  And of course, you’ll see some of the characters from the previous book in the series, The Scoundrel’s Daughter.

In The Rake’s Daughter, Leo, Lord Salcott is furious when he discovers he’s been left the guardianship of the two daughters of a notorious rake, one of whom is illegitimate — and penniless. She’s also beautiful, outspoken and rebellious, and he has his hands full — in more ways than one. THE RAKE’S DAUGHTER will be published on July 26th. I had such fun writing it, and I’ll be telling you more about the story and characters in the lead-up to publication.

US BookBub promotion for MARRY IN SECRET

Secondly, there is a US BookBub low-price promotion for MARRY IN SECRET, the e-book of which will be selling for $1.99 for a limited time.

The Book Bub special goes from May 2 – May 16, but please check the price before you buy as some online bookstores take a while to catch up on the special.  

MARRY IN SECRET is part of the “Marriage of Convenience” series, and starts when Rose, a beautiful and rebellious heiress, is about to make a marriage of convenience with the prize of the Marriage Mart, a cold-eyed duke. The marriage ceremony is shattered by the arrival of a ragged, angry stranger who claims she’s married to him. . .

And by the way, if you’re wondering about that lovely Julia Quinn quote, she gave it to me, unsolicited, quite a few years ago. I’ve asked her a couple of times if it’s still okay to use it — I wanted to put it on the cover of my self-published book, and she said, “Of course, Anne.”
Julia Quinn is a very generous person.

So it’s not one of the many new promo quotes that are cropping up now in response to the success of Bridgerton. 

Mother's Day

My mum is long gone, but I still miss her. I don’t think we ever stop missing our mums, do we?

This is one of my favorite photos of her, taken when she was a schoolgirl. Cute, eh? She was a smart little cookie and won a scholarship to a posh boarding school when she was quite young. I don’t think she was very happy there — the other girls were very snobby, and she was just a girl from the country, not posh, not rich, just smart.  I think she was quite lonely, and though she made friends all her life, none of them came from her schooldays. But she did well — as well as being Dux (top) of the school when she graduated, and winning a bunch of prizes (mainly books with certificates inside them), she was very musical with a gorgeous voice. She was also athletic — she once did 22 backflips in a row!

She’s been especially in my mind lately, because as I pack up this house, getting ready to move, so many of the things I’m packing came from her — china, glassware, silverware, and various gifts through the years. Some of them I never use, and I’m trying hard to stiffen my resolve and give them to charity. (I’d rather give things to the charity shop than sell them on line.)

I  confess, I’m not having huge success. I’m packing some things that I know I shouldn’t, and will take them to the new house, and I’m telling myself that I’ll have more resolution once the move is completed. We’ll see . . .