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Just spotted

I just spotted this.

A price reduction on the kindle version of MARRY IN SCARLET.

$2.21 on US amazon, @2.99 on amazon Australia. That’s a screenshot from amazon US.

Not sure if it’s the same price on other platforms. 

No idea how long it will last (nobody told me it was happening. The author is often the last to know  *g*).


A surprise delivery

The postie just visited — I always know well before they ring the doorbell — who needs a doorbell when you have a dog? So he eyed my Milly-dog and stood well back, pointed to the box at my feet, checked my name and backed hurriedly away.  Really he’s in most danger of being licked to death, but she does do a good bark.

The box was very heavy, and I knew at once what it was —  a box containing copies of my new book — THE SCOUNDREL’S DAUGHTER. It was extra thrilling because my books get sent from New York, and they don’t always arrive before the book comes out. So thank you Berkley shipping people!

This — opening the box and seeing the actual book for the first time — never gets old. It’s a thrill every single time, seeing it ‘in the flesh’, admiring the cover design (thank you Berkley Art Dept), feeling the texture — it’s a matt, non-shiny cover, quite silky — and I can’t resist patting it, and grinning like a loon at it. <g>.

The thing is, I finished that book more than a year ago, so when it arrives it’s all fresh and new-feeling — like a gift. 

THE SCOUNDREL’S DAUGHTER comes out on 24th August. The paperback, e-book and audio book will all be released at the same time. In the meantime you can preorder it.

* Here’s a universal link for an e-book which will take you to the e-tailer of your choice.
* Any bookstore can order the paperback or audio book in for you if you give them the ISBN —  978-0593200544 
* The Book Depository will send paperbacks all over the world with free postage.
* And the audio book can be found  at Tantor (which doesn’t yet have the cover up) or amazon (which does) or any audio retailer of your choice. That’s the audio-book cover, below.

In the lead up to publication, I’ll be posting more about THE SCOUNDREL’S DAUGHTER, with some snippets from it, some background info, and a little about the Bellaire Gardens. Stay tuned . . .



My publisher is running another #giveaway —  A “Round the World” sweepstakes featuring my upcoming book The Scoundrel’s Daughter among others. From 26 July to August 8
To enter go here:
Again, it’s only for US residents, but for all you in the rest of the world, stay tuned for my own personal giveaway, coming in August.