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Understanding Romance
Writing techniques

Romance Recommendations
If you're new to romance and would like some recommended titles to look for, here's a list.

Dorothea Brande
My take on how her techniques can help you
become a better writer

If you want to be a writer... get a dog
Advice in pictures...
A Writers' Retreat
I attended a writers' retreat with 10 other authors and it was so inspirational, I wanted to share it with you. There's also a little about story collage.
How I came to write each book
I'm always fascinated by the spark that sets a story happening in a writer's mind. This is the story behind each of my books.
Point of View - POV
Understanding Point of View and how to use it. I don't subscribe rigidly to POV "rules" --I say learn the effects of POV changes and apply them for the best storytelling.
Romantic Myths
There are plenty of urban myths about romance fiction: they're all the same, they're easy to write, it's all done to a secret formula, and they're all about sex. Or are they?
This article was written for the Victorian Writers' Centre magazine, WriteOn, and has been reprinted in several other literary journals.

Voice (part 1)
The first article about Voice; about trusting in the way you view the world. And about the importance of chocolate.

Voice (part 2)
The second article about Voice; about the importance of the particular, rather than the generic. And about Australian singer-songwriter Paul Kelly.

Find your own cup of tea
All romances are not alike. You won't sell by writing books you think are rubbish. Find the kind of books that you need to write.

That dreaded synopsis
For people trying to write synopses.
A synopsis is the selling tool for writers. This gives examples of actual synopses which I used to sell my contemporary comedy, with explanations and notes.

Quotes about romance
I've collected a few quotes about reading, about the apparent polarization between "literary fiction" and "popular fiction."

still in preparation)

Writing comedy
Techniques for writing romantic comedy.
Notes from a talk I gave at a Australian Romance Writers Conference in Sydney

Peas In a Pod
An old articleI wrote for Hearts Talk (the Romance Writers of Australia monthly magazine) back in 1999 about a romance discussion at a literary festival. A lot has changed since then, but attitudes to romance novels? Not so much.
Active Readers
Techniques for keeping your readers involved and turning pages.
Notes from a workshop I gave at a Australian Romance Writers Conference in Melbourne
On Bodices (none of which are ripped) - photos I took of a costume collection of Berrington Hall in England.  



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