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Here are some photos of Montana. I had sold the manuscript for How the Sheriff Was Won before I took these photos, but after I'd been there again, I wove a few of these places and things into the revisions of the story.

These trucks parked in the main street of Ennis, MT, were typical the sort of truck I thought my Sheriff would drive.


This wonderful bear seat is outside a cafe in Ennis where I met my friend Kitty for breakfast...and stayed talking until the lunch crowds started arriving, so we adjourned to the bear seat and kept talking.

After I got home, I just had to incorporate the seat into the story.

Also in Ennis, the antler museum. Note the arches entirely made of antlers.


This beautiful cast iron sign welcomes people to Judith Gap, Montana. There were many of these signs and I really loved the look of them.


Couldn't resist this collection of bears at the entrance to a shop.



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