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Milly & Ella sing

enter I play all kinds of music, and generally I sing along as well, but the only singer that my Milly-dog ever joins in with is Ella Fitzgerald. For some reason only the divine Ella inspires her to these heights.

robaxin 750 mg Cracks me up every time. I have to hide in the next room to record her, as she’s a shy performer.

So here, for your entertainment (or otherwise) is the sound of my Milly-dog singing along with the wonderful Ella Fitzgerald.

  • Marianne Sherry

    If you can get her to do Cajun, she can join Moira’s band!

    • Anne Gracie

      Nope, sorry, she will ONLY sing with Ella. She has her standards and she’ll stick with them.

  • Marguerite Guinn

    How cute!

    • Anne Gracie

      Thanks, Marguerite — it always cracks me up.

  • Dora Bramden

    Dear little puppy.

    • Anne Gracie

      Thanks, Dora. She’s a bit bigger than that photo now, but still a sweetheart.

  • Helen Sibbritt

    She is so cute what a fabulous voice :)

    Have Fun

    • Anne Gracie

      Thanks, Helen. Luckily she only sings with Ella. ;)