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Publisher Websites

Berkley Books USA
eHarlequin Nth America - the main website. Writers guidelines and writer and reader communities
Harlequin Mills and Boon, UK - guidelines for M&B books, M&B historicals and medicals
Info about Mills and Boon historicals. Contains a fairly comprehensive list of every title since the line commenced. Stops at 2002, though.

Writers Organizations

Romance Writers of America

Romance Writers of Australia - excellent site with lots of interviews, writing articles and other info.

Novelists Inc.


Fabulous sites about the Regency period

Anne Woodley's excellent Regency site. Will keep you occupied for a week.
The Georgian Index ~ another site to keep you occupied for a week
The Regency Garderobe ~ a Repository of 19th Century Fashion Wisdom.
Laura Wallace's excellent site. All about titles, & other useful info, including food in the regency
Excellent Jane Austen site, with info about her life and times
Jane Austen Magazine - some excellent info -- check their fashion articles. Wonderful. Then go on to their history articles
The Society of London Ladies favourite links.
Moonstone Research - regency information galore
Regency Repository - info and book sources
Regency - contains dozens of links to regency sites
Regency fashion and footwear
The Jane Austen Republic of Pemberly. Lots of useful period information.
Jo Beverley's excellent site. Includes Titles , maps and all sorts of interesting articles.
The Regency Page - some excellent costume and other info
Jessamyn's Regency Costume Companion

Writing advice
General websites for writing fiction:
Caro Clarke's excellent writing advice
Alicia Rasley's Writers' Corner - excellent.
The Writers' Store ~ zillions of articles
The Writing Corner
~ Romantic Suspense, by Nora Roberts
The Fiction Factor ~ nuts and bolts
Writing World
Submission nuts and bolts

Holly Lisle's Writing Pages - excellent
Comedy Writing
Patricia Kay's articles - excellent
The Fiction Factor - all sorts of good articles

Sites and articles on romance writing:
Romantic Times - dozens of articles by published authors
Liz Fielding's excellent Opening Chapter
Vicki Hinze - Category or Single title?
Vanessa Grant - Writing Romance
Patricia Kay's Scene and Sequel
(& others)
Writers Digest ~ on romance
~ The Story by Nora Roberts
Cathy Carmichael's Synopsis Workshop
Excellent article about earning a living as a romance writer
Barbara Samuel's columns. Not really writing tips, but she's such a beautiful writer!
Barbara Hannay's excellent article on "Emotional Punch" & others
Why I write Romance - Diana Duncan
Bronwyn Jameson's excellent writing tips

Regency Sites - specific information

Titles - an excellent, easy-to-understand introduction to the British Titles of nobility system by Jo Beverley
Correct Form - correct forms of address for English titles
The Peerage- genealogical survey of the peerage of Britain
The Peerage - Surname index
Burke's Peerage - searchable databases
Irish Peerage
The Royal Houses of Europe
English Country dancing
Almacks -- a brief history
Almacks -- a longer history
Gentlemen's clubs
Historical card games
More historical card games & rules
Gaming - Card games. Cara King's site
Duelling - Cara King's site
Victorian era courtship
A variety of Victorian era articles
Leigh's Picture of London 1819
London Parks and Pleasure Gardens
Vauxhall Gardens
Vauxhall Gardens History
Vauxhall info & pics
Astley's Amphitheatre
Carriages of the Regency period
Vehicles with illustrations
Roads, turnpikes etc
Julia Ross's Horses in Romance
Sidesaddle - parts of
Riding habits
More riding habits - from Candice Hern
What's for Breakfast?
Fashion in Regency times - click on "fashion"
Costume Encyclopaedia
Play the costume game - dress a lady
Bath Museum of Costume
The Costumer's Manifesto
Historical Costume - La Couturiere Parisienne
Vintage Textiles
Candice Hern's Collections - esp. accessories
Corsets - From Kalen Hughes.
Regency undies
. - From Kalen Hughes.
Regency wedding dresses
Regency Accessories
The etiquette of wearing gloves
Masquerade dominos
Rundell & Bridge - jewllery and art exhibition
Regency Christmas - Jo Beverley article
English plants - Calendar of flowering times
Smugglers website
Housewifery text on-line

Regency Sites - specific information

English Currency in the 1th Century
Understanding English Money
Money Slang - slang associated with money
London Metropolitan Police History site
London, social context of crime
Bow Street
Historical article on Bow Street Runners
Devon Cornwall Police
Bridewell Prison
Child Labour and Factory workers
Food and Drink in Regency England
History of coffee in UK
History of chocolate in Europe:
History of tea
Georgian ices
- Gunters, etc. Yummy pics.
Historic Food - food, recipes, methods
Victorian Era London
Historical map of the counties of England
Greenwood's 1827 Map of London
Richard Horwood's map of London
Digital Library of Historical Directories
The National Trust UK historic buildings
The Landmark Trust ~ historic buildings
Inns and Taverns of Old London
Picture of London 1819 ~ various descriptions
British Postal History
A Crossed Letter and more postal history
The Military System in the Regency era - click on "history" and then "military"
War Times Journal - Napoleonic war
Regiments - regiments of the British Army
Dragoon Regiments & Uniforms
The 95th Rifles
Napoleonic website
History Trail - useful articles on war
The Minerva Press - what regency ladies read
British India - British India in the 18th C.
Regency Interiors - also includes other eras
Regency Furniture
The Anglican Church Hierarchy
1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue - Historical Slang
Historical language note - a list of clangers found in historical novels
Slang and cant - on-line dictionary
Images of locations
Background to Hogarth's engravings "Gin Lane" and "Beer Street"
Images of Sussex
Shazza's photos of Bath
Images of England - searchable image db
Pictures of England - another searchable db
St George's Church, Hanover Square
Great Houses in the UK and Ireland
English Heritage site

Historical romance authors

Georgette Heyer -- the queen and originator of the regency romance. Superb
Mary Balogh ~ wonderful regency era romances.
Sara Bennett ~ historicals & paranormals
Jo Beverley ~ Georgian-era historicals & articles
Anna Campbell ~ "Regency noir"
Loretta Chase ~ a regency star.
Nicola Cornick ~ regency historicals
Eloisa James ~ a lovely writer
Laura Kinsale ~ wrote my #1 favorite romance
Stephanie Laurens ~ those gorgeous Cynsters
Mary Jo Putney ~ one of my favorite writers.
Isolde Martyn ~ suberbly researched historicals
Julia Quinn ~ feel-good regencies
Elizabeth Rolls ~ (aka Elizabeth Rollsova in Czech) she writes regencies with fab research
Alison Stuart ~ Roundheads & Cavaliers
Christine Wells ~ Regency historicals
Bronwyn Williams ~ wrote some of my best keepers!

Contemporary Romance Authors

Ally Blake ~ fun, feel-good stories
Lilian Darcy ~ intense , intelligent medicals and ST
Liz Fielding ~ wonderful, feel-good romances.
Barbara Hannay ~ yummy outback heroes & articles
Kelly Hunter -- funny, sexy stories
Bronwyn Jameson ~ gogeous outback heroes & writing tips
Marion Lennox ~ never-fail feel-good romances.
Yvonne Lindsay ~ yummy heroes
Anne McAllister ~ fabulous romances.
Fiona McArthur ~ a fabulous medical author
Trish Morey ~ gorgeous sexy alpha (AFL?) heroes
Jane Porter ~ sexy romances with Alpha heroes.
Paula Roe ~ new Desire author with a fab links page
Barbara Samuel ~ lush, gorgeous prose
Annie West - the yummiest sheiks
Sophie Weston ~ warm, romantic & witty.

Paranormals & erotica
Keri Arthur ~ sexy dark urban fantasy
J.R.Ward ~ I never thought I could love vampires!
Denise Rossetti ~ Fantasy erotica

Online interviews I've done

some interviews 2009
Mary Jo Putney interviewed me about TO CATCH A BRIDE

I also visited Romance Writers Revenge where I talked about writing to the Dread Pirate Hellion, with interruptions from Cap'n Jack Sparrow.

I was interviewed in the EleniFest about writing and some RWAust activities.

Interviews of 2008
Mary Jo Putney interviewed me on the Word Wenches Blog,
I talked to the Romance Vagabonds.
I was interviewed by my friend Anna Campbell on the Romance Bandits blog.

Writerspace (September 2002)
Romance Writers of Australia (March 2002)
The Romance Journal (March 2001)
A Romance Review (December 2001)
All About Romance (May 2001)

I've also interviewed several other authors on the Romance Writers of Australia Website.

Interview with Barbara Hannay
Interview with Bronwyn Jameson
Interview with Isolde Martyn and another chat with Isolde Martyn
Interview/article where multi published authors tell how they keep their writing fresh


Online reviews of my books:
(In dire need of updating...)
Gallant Waif:
The Romance Reader
All About Romance
My Shelf
Tallie's Knight
The Romance Reader
All About Romance
A Romance Review
An Honourable Thief
A Romance Review
The Best Reviews
How the Sheriff was Won
Romantic Times
A Romance Review
The Virtuous Widow (novella)
The Romance Reader
Romantic Times

Literacy links

The Beach - a free literacy / ESL learning site with puzzles and interactive exercises and interesting stories.

PageTurners - the entertaining, easy-reading stories for adults just beginning to read, which feature wonderful cartoons drawn by Moira Hanrahan.

Blogs & Other links

Stephen Bowden's "Wenlock" blog - very funny. Check out his "Heyeroines in need of a slap!"
Miss Snark's Blogspot -- she's a literary agent and she has a series on her blog where she comments on synopses sent to her. Great stuff.
Bron Jameson's Blog - Australian Desire author. Great chatty blog.
Jennifer Crusie's Blog

Regency Top 100 Poll - readers voted for their top 100 regency reads

All About Romance, Top 100 poll, 2004- hundreds of readers voted for their romance favorites


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