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"With her signature superbly nuanced characters, subtle sense of wit, and richly emotional writing, Gracie puts her distinctive stamp on a classic Regency plot." The Chicago Tribune

April 2014

In exciting news, my book The Autumn Bride is a finalist in the Romance Writers of America® RITA® competition. The winners will be announced in San Antonio, Texas, on July 26th at the RWA® Annual Conference. The story of how I got the news is on my blog, as well as the full list of finalists.

Upcoming Events:
Sunday 4 May (Please note change of date) I'll be running a one day writing workshop at the NSW Writers Centre in Sydney Further details, including cost, on their website.

The Winter Bride is launched!

Romantic Times 4 1/2 stars TOP PICK!. Reviewer Kathe Robin said: "The Chance sisters are living a dream, and readers will be thrilled to be there with them. Gracie has created a wonderful cast of characters, from the sisters themselves to their benefactress and servants. Her plot may be tried and true, but the lively dialogue and tender emotions compel readers to relish every moment of the developing romance."

Publishers Weekly called it "charming" and "thoughtful and tender."

And Kirkus Reviews said: "Gracie continues her Chance Sisters series with another delightful, emotionally complex romance." . . . "A romantic winner, with Gracie's typical witty charm and sweeping emotion."

On my FB page there was a hot debate about which was the loveliest cover, the US one (left) or the Australian one (right.) I think they're both gorgeous. Also on my FB page and Twitter, I'm posting short snippets of the story. I hope you enjoy them.


Above: US Edition

The Book Depository
ISBN—13 (USA):

This is Freddy and Damaris's story. I loved writing this. Freddy was so determined not to be trapped into marriage. Damaris was just as determined. But the best-laid plans. . ..

Damaris Chance's unhappy past has turned her off the idea of marriage forever. But her guardian, Lady Beatrice Davenham, convinces her to make her coming out anyway—and have a season of carefree uncomplicated fun.

When handsome rake Freddy Monkton-Coombes finds himself about to be trapped in an untenable situation by his match-making parents, he pays Damaris to enter into a faux betrothal. But then an accident throws them into a compromising situation, and they're both forced to reevaluate their position.

Will Damaris's secrets destroy her chance at true happiness? Or can Freddy help her cast off the shackles of the past, and yield to delicious temptation?

Visit The Winter Bride page
Read an excerpt


Australian edition

ISBN (Australia)

*Marcus (from the Devil Riders Series)— I'm still getting lots of requests for Marcus's story. I did want to write it, but Marcus was never in the original contract and when it came time for a new contract, my publisher asked me to put Marcus aside and start on the new series. Which I did (because that's what they pay me for.) I still want to write Marcus's story and will when I have time. If you want to be kept up to date, sign up for my newsletter (in the left-hand column.) I only send out occasional newsletters when I actually have news, like a new book or something like that, so you won't get bombarded.


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