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  "With her signature superbly nuanced characters, subtle sense of wit, and richly emotional writing, Gracie puts her distinctive stamp on a classic Regency plot." The Chicago Tribune

February - The Spring Bride (Jane's story) has been scheduled for June 2015. It has a beeyoutiful cover don't you think?

In other news, The Winter Bride has been nominated in four categories of the ARRA (Australian Romance Readers Association) annual awards. The full list of finalists is here. Thank you to all who nominated and voted for my book and to ARRA for oragnizing it.

I'll be attending the ARRA Convention in Canberra (Australia's beautiful capital city) in March. More details here.

Also from 20-22 March, I'll be attending the Newcastle Writers Festival where I'll be giving a 3 hour workshop on "Romancing the Page" on the Friday, and will also sit on a Q&A panel with Kelly Hunter and Fiona McArthur on the Saturday. More details here.

In the meantime if you want to keep up with my doings, follow me on FaceBook or on my other FB page, which is here. Otherwise, sign up for my newsletter — in the column on your left — I only send one out when I have news, like a new book, so you won't be bombarded.

And don't forget, I blog each fortnight with the Word Wenches - seven other best-selling, award winning historical novelists from the USA and the UK, so pop in there for a visit. We often get good chat in the comments stream.


The Book Depository
ISBN—13 (USA): 978-0425259276


Above: US Edition

The Book Depository
ISBN—13 (USA):

The Winter Bride - an excerpt:
When his best friend Max asks our hero, Freddy to keep an eye on his aunt and her nieces while Max is away — and attend their regular literary society meetings, Freddy is appalled:

“Not the literary society. The horror stories those girls read are enough to make a fellow’s hair stand on end.”

Max frowned. “Horror stories? They don’t read horror stories, only entertaining tales of the kind ladies seem to enjoy, about girls and gossip and families—”

“Horror stories, every last one of them,” Freddy said firmly. “You asked me to sit in on their literary society last month, when you went up to Manchester, remember? The story they were reading then . . .” He gave an eloquent shudder. “Horror from the very first line: It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife. Must he, indeed? What about the poor fellow’s wants, eh? Do they matter? No. Every female in the blasted story was plotting to hook some man for herself or her daughter or niece. If you don’t call that horror, I don’t know what is!”

Max chuckled.

“You can laugh, bound as you are for parson’s noose in the morning,” Freddy said bitterly, “but every single man in that story ended up married by the end of the book! Every last one.” He numbered them off on his fingers. “The main fellow, his best friend, the parson, even the soldier fellow ended up married to the silly light-skirt sister—not one single man in that story escaped unwed.” He shuddered again. “Enough to give a man nightmares. So, no literary society for me, thank you.”

Visit The Winter Bride page
Read another excerpt and


Australian edition

ISBN (Australia)

*Marcus (from the Devil Riders Series)— I'm still getting lots of requests for Marcus's story. I did want to write it, but Marcus was never in the original contract and when it came time for a new contract, my publisher asked me to put Marcus aside and start on the new series. Which I did (because that's what they pay me for.) I still want to write Marcus's story and will when I have time. If you want to be kept up to date, sign up for my newsletter (in the left-hand column.) I only send out occasional newsletters when I actually have news, like a new book or something like that, so you won't get bombarded.


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