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Favorite Summer Drink

Don’t look if you’re stuck in freezing temperatures, but for those of us in summer, this is my new favorite drink — iced green tea with and mint and a few slices of fruit. No added sugar or anything else — just green tea, mint and fruit. Sometimes it’s a few berries, today it’s fresh peach slices. Make a jug, chill and . . . yum yum — healthy, delicious and refreshing.

  • Tigrisan

    I will absolutely have to try this! In June. Or July maybe. When it’s warm. As I sit typing this in front of my fireplace with the wind howling and the snow falling…nnn;)nnnAnd you’re using disqus now so it’s ME! Theo :)

    • Anne Gracie

      LOL — I knew who it was the first time you posted :) Stay warm. Maybe hot chokkie is the sensible drink for now. :)

  • Helen Sibbritt

    Hi AnnenI am going to give this a try as well it sounds yummy :)nHave FunnHelen

    • Anne Gracie

      It’s quite a delicate flavor, Helen — not like the strong, sweet iced teas some people prefer — and which I like too — but this isn’t sweet, just barely sweetish, but very refreshing and healthy.