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Category: News

The File is Fixed!

Attention #Reviewers — the badly formatted e-ARC of my upcoming book THE SUMMER BRIDE has been fixed, I’m told, so if you’d like to read it for review, head on over to net-galley. I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but it was out of my hands.

Attention Reviewers

Are you a reviewer? If you downloaded my July book THE SUMMER BRIDE from net galley, and got a file that reads like this — either random paragraph breaks or none at all — stay tuned. I’m assured that Berkley is fixing it.

It’s upsetting to me, because when something is difficult to read, or formatted badly, people either give up on reading it, or find it hard to sink into the story. So if you gave up, please, get the improved file —I’ll announce it on FB and twitter — and give it another go.

I loved this story and I’d like it to be given a chance, not shot down at the first post through bad formatting by my publisher..

Pic 1 on my kindle: Random Paragraph Breaks

Pic 2 on my kindle: No Paragraph Breaks

The ARRA book signing

ARRA stands for the Australian Romance Readers Association, a group of enthusiastic and prolific readers who love romance — of all kinds. Every second year they have a conference, and an  awards dinner in the alternate years. In March I attended the awards dinner and was delighted (and a little overwhelmed) to win four awards. I blogged about it here.

ARRA also holds a big signing at the annual Romance Writers of Australia conference, which in 2016 is in Adelaide. I’ll be there and Ill also be signing copies of my new book — THE SUMMER BRIDE, which comes out on July 5th.

The treasure hunt, in which free tickets to the signing were given away is now finished and the winners notified. I hope you were successful. 

If you missed out, you can still buy a ticket to the signing. They’re on sale here:

 I hope to see you at the ARRA signing,