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How the Sheriff Was Won
Harlequin Duets

Winner -- Romantic Times Reviewers' Choice Award for Best First Series Romance


Cheryl Jeffries of Heartstrings Reviews said: "How the Sheriff Was Won is a laugh-out loud, clutch-your-aching-ribs, down and dirty romantic comedy. With her sharp wit and eminently likeable characters, Anne Gracie easily steals the show, and the spotlight, of this Harlequin Duet. I nearly cracked a rib, wore a silly grin throughout, and marveled over J.T. and Jassie's marvelous chemistry."
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One year. That's how long Jassie McQuilty has to stay in Bear Claw, Montana, before she can sell her great-uncle's newspaper. So while she's here, she might as well have some fun! When she literally runs into Sheriff John T. Stone, he has the word fling written all over him. He also doesn't want anything to do with Jassie or her big-city ideas. He was burned once by a woman, and doesn't plan on going through that again. But Jassie's determined...determined to get her man!

Reviewers Comments

Romantic Times review for September 2001

Rising star Anne Gracie tells us just HOW THE SHERIFF WAS WON (4.5), an excellent story, with an engaging plot and well-rounded characters."


Amazon.com review -- 5 stars
Anne Gracie is Brilliant! Very Funny, very fun read

Reviewer: Anne Woodley... from New Zealand

I'm not usually a fan of modern romances but Anne Gracie is one of my favourite authors, she's funny and witty and has a nice ironic touch. Normally she writes historical fiction,but here she lets loose her skills on a modern cowboy romance, and the result is great fun. OK, so this is a two in one, duet romance. I did try the other author, Gayle Kaye whose story "Kiss that Cowboy" is first. I found it a bit run-of-the-mill and not that funny so I didn't finish it. Anne Gracie's story "How the Sheriff was Won" made up for that disappointment though.

In Gracie's story the Heroine is a nice, independent modern kind of woman - Jassie McQuilty. She has inherited a newspaper from a Great Uncle she never knew she had. Trouble is, it is in the backwaters of Montana and Jassie is firmly a city girl. However, she sees the lure of money - if she can build up the paper for a year then she might be able to sell it for loads of dosh to some bloated capitalist organisation and make a bit of a nest egg for herself - and return back to New York (of course). In the meantime, if she is going to be in Bear Claw, Montana for a year then it would be nice to have a bit of male amusement. Enter said amusing male - Sheriff John T. Stone.

Gracie has created a very believable story - the characters ring true to type, and the misunderstandings don't try a reader's patience, but rather flow easily with the story. Gracie has such a nice light hand to deal with this sort of thing, and she manages to inject humour into some unlikely but wonderful situations. Like the vegetarian old couple who try to befriend, (and disastrously try to feed) Jassie. Or when Jassie spends all day trying to get the printing press working - or just trying to figure out how the tiny country paper works at all.

It's very much a comedy of eros all the way through.

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