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Romantic Times gave HIS CAPTIVE LADY a Top Pick! 4 and a half stars, and a K.I.S.S. Award to my hero, Harry. (Knight in Shining Silver)

"I have already read this book twice and I know I’ll return to it again and again. Anne Gracie has created a deeply emotional, at times heart-wrenching, journey for these two people who must learn to trust one another with their deepest feelings and darkest fears. I cried when Nell finally shared her secret with Harry..." PJ Ausdenmore, Romance Novel TV

"HIS CAPTIVE LADY is Anne Gracie at her best, and her best is very good. She has a lyrical writing style reminiscent of Mary Balogh, and the talent to bring readers vibrant characters, potent plots and sizzling sensuality...YUM!"  - Reader To Reader

"It's a winner... a charming, witty and magical romance... Anne Gracie is a treasure." Suzanne Tucker, Fresh Fiction

"It's honest, charming, and everything I love in a historical romance...Very highly recommended." Lindy, Two Lips Reviews

"It's little short of magic ... a delightful romance with a serious quest at its heart." Jane Bowers Romance Reviews Today

"Once again, author Anne Gracie has proven what an exceptionally gifted author is all about when she gives life to unforgettable characters and brings her readers along for the ride in what has proven to be an exciting, fun, and heartfelt emotional journey.  Absolutely one of the best romances I’ve read this year!" Marilyn. Kwips&Kritiquess

September 2008
Berkley Sensation USA
ISBN-13: 978-0425223246


An early scene in this book takes place in the Foundling Hospital. The Foundling Hospital was founded by Captain Thomas Coram-- this is a statue of him on the right. It's in front of the Foundling Museum.

The scene was inspired by memetoes left by mothers and displayed in the London Foundling Museum.

See below.

The Foundling Hospital accepted only new born babies from unwed mothers of "good character." The children would never grow up to see their mother again, but the mothers were, at one time, encouraged to leave small tokens of love and remembrance for their babies.

There's an amazing range - from a penny with a hole drilled in it, to a nut, embroidered tokens, rings, letters, all kinds of thing. It's a very moving sight.

Sadly, the children never saw these tokens. They were kept purely for identification purposes, in case the mother changed her mind some time later and returned for the child.

The tokens, some of which are on display in the London Foundling Museum today, show the mothers came from a range of background -- some well educated, others poor and illiterate. It's a heartbreaking display.

There is an excellent article with more pictures here.

What Readers are saying about His Captive Lady:
(Please note, I remove all personal info and spoilers (that give away plot details) from mail before posting letters from readers. I don't post all mail, jut a variety.)

I just wanted to take a minute and drop you a line saying how very very much I enjoyed His Captive Lady. I basically ignored work today to devour the book. Harry and Nell made me tear up more than once and I loved every minute of the book.
The Perfect Rake and Tallie's Knight are my 2 most absolute favorites of your titles, but this one comes very close. Can't wait for Rafe's....... ST

This book arrived on Wed afternoon, and I finished it Thu night. It was such a pleasure to read. I've been exploring a lot of new authors of late, and wondering why it was I enjoyed romance novels. After a very gratifying read of HCL, I remembered.
Thank you, thank you for another wonderful read! I'm looking forward, as ever, to the next one! ...............Judy
What a lovely book HCL was! I enjoyed it immensely I’m not surprised it’s getting so many accolades. ..........CW
I hadn't opened a book in 2 weeks, so I took myself off and started your latest. Trouble is I don't want to go to bed because I want to read more but I have an early start tomorrow. GREAT book so far. Love the characters. Love their immediate and very real concern for each other. They're so sweet and I want everything to turn out well for them. And it's full of horses and dogs and interesting secondary characters. You witch. You did it deliberately to entice me!..... AW
I pre-ordered Captive Lady and I am so glad I did.  It is a wonderful book.  Again you have drawn such finely detailed characters that I was emotionally tied from the beginning.  This is a different story than most authors would write.  One that credits a reader with emotional depths and the ability to empathize.
(snip to remove spoilers) This book is a winner.  I have actually read it several times and love it more each time.  Congratulations on a wonderful work.  I hope it brings you the continuing success you deserve. .....Jan.

I just finished your new book and wanted to tell you how much I loved it. I love your characters. I’m sure I would enjoy knowing you because you have to be a mix of the characters you create. Great book. Can’t wait for the next one. Thanks for the pleasure you have given me. Carole
I just finished His Captive Lady yesterday, and I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it. (snip to removespoilers) I am looking forward to the next book in the sequence.  2009 seems a long way away :)..... JJ
I began His Captive Lady yesterday while I nibbled on lunch. One hour, I promised, then I'd get back to the work-in-progress. Except I couldn't leave Harry and Lady Helen, and simply had to discover what happened ... especially in Helen's search for Torie. Yes, well ... you know what followed, don't you?! I felt such empathy with the characters and your skilled weaving of their story, I sat entranced, unable to put the book down until I reached the final page. Well done, Anne ... you go from strength to strength, and I can't wait for the next book in the series...... HB
I have just finished Harry and Nell's story I have to tell you how truly wonderful this story is you had me in tears and smiling I loved it from start to finish. Anne you have a magical voice I felt so apart of the struggle to find Torie and what a wonderful caring honourable hero Harry is and Nell is so strong and with all that had happened to her she came through as such a beautiful heroine.
I am not really good with words but I thank you for a wonderful story and am looking forward to the next Devil Rider book I am thinking it will be Rafe's and the long lost grandaughter sounds great to me...... Helen

I finished His Captive Lady yesterday, and I loved it from the cover to the final word. ( I do get so weary of the clinch covers.) It was even better than The Stolen Princess, and you know how much I liked Callie and Gabe's story. I was in love with Harry from his introduction in ASP, but by the end of HCL, he had become one of my favorite romance heroes ever. His love for Nell illustrates so beautifully all that love should be.
 One of the things I love best about an Anne Gracie book is that I know it will move me to tears and laughter. HCL did not disappoint in this respect either. (snip to remove spoilers)
 I am already anticipating the other Devil Riders books with great eagerness, and I still have hopes that you will give us the stories of Nash and Marcus as well.
 Thank you for another wonderful book. As long as you keep writing them, I know I will keep adding Anne Gracie books to my keeper shelves...... JR

It's gorgeous.  He's gorgeous.  She's wonderful.  The story is fantastic, just right, so touching and humane and on-the-edge of tragedy which you do so well.  ANd all the minor characters are fantastic, as always, even when they barely get three strokes of the pen.(snip to remove spoilers) I LO VE the way your characters not only fall in love but then have to come to terms with it.  And Harry's sentimental education just made me weep.  In fact, this had reached a new high - a seven handkerchief book.  (Previous record was five.)  All that and sexy too!  THANK YOU..... JH





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