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Series Giveaway Winner

Thank you to everyone who entered this giveaway.

I used the web to choose a random number, and counted up the emails in the order they arrived.

The winner is Gillian H from the UK.

The books will be coming via The Book Depository, which sends books all over the world at no postage cost. I’m not sure whether they’ll send them all at once or in stages and wait until Marry In Secret is published, but however they do it, the books will come.

Thanks to everyone who entered. I wish I could send you all books, but I can’t.

Marry In Secret — in audio

I’m very pleased to announce that not only is MARRY IN SECRET coming out as an audio book (like the previous books in the series) it’s also being released in the UK, Canada and Australia/NZ at the same time as the USA. It’s read by Alison Larkin, who has read all but one of my books, and does a lovely job.

Usually the audio books have started off as US release only, and I get a flood of unhappy emails from reader-listeners from outside the USA complaining they can’t buy them. Then it takes a bit of emailing back-and-forth to my publisher — I don’t make these arrangements — before audio sales in other English-speaking territories are organized, but this time, everyone has access at the same time. Hooray!

Buy it from Canada
Buy it from the USA.
Buy it from the UK
Buy it from Australia
These are, of course, amazon links, so if you shop elsewhere, try here.


A smile of lorikeets

Every morning I wake to the sound of  birds in the big gum trees outside my window. Mostly they’re rainbow lorikeets, but sometimes there’s also a few magpies carolling joyfully away, or the mournful sound of currawongs who sing in the minor key,  occasionally a crow, cawing grimly, and pigeons and doves coo-cooing quietly.  The photo below is from Sue from My Wild Australia

But the rainbow lorikeets are both the noisiest and the happiest morning sound, to me (though a joyfully warbling magpie is a wonder and a delight.) You can see why they’re called rainbow lorikeets, can’t you? That rainbow of colours is gorgeous. But they’re also happy, cheerful birds and I love them.

Here’s a video that Sue from My Wild Australia recorded of a couple of lorikeets hanging from a branch, playing, flirting and squabbling. And when they’re upside down with their wings spread out, you can see more colours. Here’s another little video of them bathing in a pot plant saucer on a hot day, and having such fun.  And if you watch this video, you’ll hear the sound I wake up to most morning. Who needs an alarm clock?