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Marry in Scandal

Marry in Scandal

Book #2 in my "convenient marriage" series

This is Lily’s story.
Lady Lily is the youngest of the three Rutherford girls. She’s a little shy, a little plump, and not very confident — and you’ll soon understand why. But there are unrealized depths in Lily, and when she’s abruptly thrown into a dreadful situation, she finds unexpected strength in herself  — and an unexpected hero.

Romantic Times gave it a TopPick, and said: “The latest addition to Gracie’s Marriage of Convenience series is a beautifully rendered, emotionally powerful tale full of the wonder and healing power of love. Readers will empathize with her well-drawn characters and delight in the growth of their relationship, cheering them on to their HEA. The pacing never falters and the tried and true theme shines in Gracie’s talented hands. Plus her fans will adore seeing the Chance sisters again and smile at Aunt Agatha’s escapades. A story readers will cherish.”   (Thank you Kathe Robin and Romantic Times)

MARRY IN SCANDAL is up now for pre-order.


An ARRA award finalist

Marry in Haste

An ARRA award finalist

The book that launched my "convenient marriage" series

The finalists in the Australian Romance Readers Awards (ARRA)  have been announced and I’m delighted to report that  Marry In Haste has been listed in the following categories: 

*  Favourite Historical Romance 

Favourite Continuing Romance Series (The “marriage of convenience” series) 

Strongest Heroine from a romance published in 2017 (Emm)
Favourite Couple from a romance published in 2017 (Cal and Emm).

As well I’ve been listed in the Favourite Australian Romance Author category.

The full list of finalists is here.   Thank you to ARRA and all the members who nominated my book. I’m hugely honoured.

  Marry In Haste came out in 2017. It was the start of a brand new new series, and stars a very masculine hero, who really needs to learn how to handle women. Hint: they’re not the same as soldiers. I had a lot of fun writing this book — some might say torturing the hero, but really, it’s for his own good. You’ll meet several former soldiers, a heroine who thinks she’s lost all hope of love, marriage or children, a gaggle of uncontrollable young women (or so my hero thinks) a tremendously snobbish headmistress, a daffy aunt and a scary one, an unsquashable schoolgirl, a wolfhound, a poodle (except he’s really a man) and many more. You’ll even meet a beloved character from The Chance Sisters series.

You can read a snippet or two from MARRY IN HASTE here.


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