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ARRA Award Finalists Announced

ARRA Award Finalists Announced

The Australian Romance Readers Award (ARRA) finalists have been announced and I’m delighted to report that  The Summer Bride, Daisy’s story, is a finalist in several categories: Favourite Historical Romance 
Favourite Continuing Romance Series (The Chance sister series)
Favourite Heroine from a romance published in 2016
and Favourite Couple from a romance published in 2016 (Flynn and Daisy).
As well I’m a finalist in Favourite Australian Romance Author 2016 

The ARRA awards will be announced at the ARRA convention in Melbourne on Saturday 25 February.  In the meantime, thank you to ARRA and all the members who nominated and voted for my book. I’m hugely honoured.

Find Out More about the Summer Bride here.  
Or Buy it here
Read the full list of ARRA finalists here. 

2017 will see the start of a new series for me— Marry In Haste comes out in May. I hope you enjoy it. I’ll put out more information on it soon. You can pre-order it here.

Even though it’s long past Christmas, people are still buying and enjoying   The Last Chance Christmas Ball — the linked anthology written by The Word Wenches (of which I’m one.)


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Anne Gracie shared's :D :D :D.
This is so funny -- and you have to wait to the bit with the helpful lady at the end . .
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:D :D :D

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Patricia Rice Authorthat's the first time I've ever laughed out loud at FB! So helpful. <G>

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Patricia AddisonSo funny! I was laughing out loud.

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7 days ago

I've just posted the latest in my Sunday writing posts -- today the topic is "The Power of Detail."
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Ive just posted the latest in my Sunday writing posts -- today the topic is The Power of Detail.