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 Marry In Haste

Marry In Haste

The first in a new "convenient marriage" series

Marry In Haste came out on May 2nd. It was the start of a brand new new series,  and stars a very masculine hero, who really needs to learn how to handle women. Hint: they’re not the same as soldiers. I had a lot of fun writing this book — some might say torturing the hero, but really, it’s for his own good. You’ll meet several former soldiers, a heroine who thinks she’s lost all hope of love, marriage or children, a gaggle of uncontrollable young women (or so my hero thinks) a tremendously snobbish headmistress, a daffy aunt and a scary one, an unsquashable schoolgirl, a wolfhound, a poodle (except he’s really a man) and many more. You’ll even meet a beloved character from The Chance Sisters series.

You can read a snippet or two from MARRY IN HASTE here.

The second book in the series, MARRY IN SCANDAL is up now for pre-order.
I’ll be putting up a page with more information on it soon.



Book 2 in the "Convenient Marriage" series


My new book, MARRY IN SCANDAL comes out in April 2018.

More information coming soon.

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