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 Marry In Haste

Marry In Haste

The first in a new "convenient marriage" series

Marry In Haste came out on May 2nd. It was the start of a brand new new series,  and stars a very masculine hero, who really needs to learn how to handle women. Hint: they’re not the same as soldiers. I had a lot of fun writing this book — some might say torturing the hero, but really, it’s for his own good. You’ll meet several former soldiers, a heroine who thinks she’s lost all hope of love, marriage or children, a gaggle of uncontrollable young women (or so my hero thinks) a tremendously snobbish headmistress, a daffy aunt and a scary one, an unsquashable schoolgirl, a wolfhound, a poodle (except he’s really a man) and many more. You’ll even meet a beloved character from The Chance Sisters series.

You can read a snippet or two from MARRY IN HASTE here.

The second book in the series, MARRY IN SCANDAL is up now for pre-order.
I’ll be putting up a page with more information on it soon.



Book 2 in the "Convenient Marriage" series


My new book, MARRY IN SCANDAL comes out in April 2018.

More information coming soon.

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Anne Gracie shared The Daily Heartbeat's episode.
Anne Gracie

7 hours ago

Such a gorgeous, feel-good video. Dogs are so full of love and joy and they just spread it around. My fave is the one at 1.05, but they're all gorgeous.

The Daily Heartbeat
Welcome home 😍
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Anne Gracie shared Authors Love Readers's post.
Anne Gracie

2 days ago

#podcast #writing A series of podcasts where authors talk about their writing process, and a range of other matters. Always interesting.In Episode 8, host Patricia McLinn has a conversation with bestselling author Victoria Thompson, whose genre is historical mystery. Victoria talks about her Gaslight Mystery series and the ups and downs of a career spent writing historical romance and mystery books. We also discuss the craft of writing and teaching that craft. iTunes link here: Authors Love Readers site link coming soon. ... See MoreSee Less

#podcast  #writing A series of podcasts where authors talk about their writing process, and a range of other matters. Always interesting.
Anne Gracie shared Woman and Home Magazine's video.
Anne Gracie

4 days ago

I do love these OTT hats!
Would you wear any of these?

Woman and Home Magazine
As Ascot kicks off today, we look back at some of the most stunning and extravagant hats worn at the famous event!
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Some of the big brimmed hats remind me of the Easter bonnets from my childhood.

There were a few cute and wearable ones. But most of them made me think how much they would annoy anyone sitting within 4 seats of them. Also, how much my head would hurt holding up all that weight!

Shades of My Fair Lady...beautiful hats👒the idle rich at play watching the Sport of Kings.

I am not really a hat person, but there were some that I liked. My basic reaction,however, was "What if it's a very windy day?" 😐😐😆

There's the odd one I'd give a go.

Fun but no for me.😉

Kate McAulay

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